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CTrak® Parcel Audit Software

Reduce costs and save money with CT Logistics' exclusive CTrak® Parcel Audit Software solution, the most advanced and comprehensive parcel auditing software in the industry.

CTrak® Software benefits include:

  • Electronic audit of every shipment to recover maximum money from parcel expenditures
  • Elimination of administrative costs while increasing accuracy through CTrak®'s exclusive electronic process which identifies more billing errors than any manual parcel audit
  • Delivery of client specific carrier audit services, including complex general ledger account code allocation on every shipment
  • Parcel Freight Management & Carrier Reporting: CT Logistics' Web tools deliver the highest level of shipment visibility, while generating
    • Freight Audit Savings Reports
    • Zone Density Reports
    • Shipping Air vs. Ground Comparison Reports
    • Service Level Utilization Reports
    • Accessorial Summary and Detail Reports
    • Corrected Shipping Address Reports
    • Collect 3rd Party Shipping Reports
    • Shipments Manifested but not Delivered Reports
    • Oversize Package Reports


CTrak® services provide you with:

  • Validation of your carrier contracts
  • Global audits for all international and domestic parcel shipments
  • Visibility at the level of detailed required
  • Independent measurements of each carriers service
  • Effective and efficient management of your transportation spend
  • Automation of your audit and accounting processes


Parcel Errors Waste Money

CTrak® - ensures that each shipment and all charges are audited for prior payment, account verification and fees for every line item.


CTrak® is processed using CT Logistics' FreitRater® software to ensure:

  • All rates & cost items are calculated including:
    • Bundle pricing errors
    • Hundred-weight pricing errors
    • Dimensional and weight pricing errors
  • Every shipment, including third-party shipments, reviewed to ensure application of all discounts
  • Every shipment for address or account number correction, COD, dangerous or restricted goods, declared value, oversize, taxes and more
  • Every shipment for weekend or holiday pickup or delivery and residential pickup or delivery and more


CTrak® Parcel Auditing Software: CT Logistics will deliver this software solution for your use.  Options for this package are below.

  • Software Purchase: Purchase CT's FreitRater® software package and install at your site; includes access to software support team.
  • SaaS, Software as a Service: 24/7 access to your personal and secure FreitRater® software on CT's servers with a fixed monthly fee.  Your personnel perform all contract rate entry and audit functions.
  • BPaaS, Business Process as a Service: 24/7 access to your personal and secure FreitRater® software on CT's servers with a fixed monthly fee.  CT personnel perform most of the back office auditing tasks, however you have easy access to view and/or update any of your rates or business rules 24/7.

Our Enterprise

Commercial Traffic was founded in 1923 and serviced clients with personalized audit and payment of their freight bills. It was the start of CT Logistics.

CT Logistics' Global Freight Audit unit, based in Birmingham UK, provides a wide range of global service offerings.

Commercial Transportation Management Services provide a complete 3PL product delivery system based on procurement services and management of a national contracting system.

Commercial Transportation Services provides freight rating, freight payment, auditing, expense allocations, freight bill auditing, freight billing process and management reporting software.