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FreitRater® SQL Freight Rating and Pricing Software for Carriers

A rating application that works the way carriers operate and view pricing. FreitRater® SQL - the next generation in freight rating applications provides the ability to auto-rate the most complex transactions, so customer invoicing occurs accurately. This enterprise class software offers the most robust, flexible rating engine in the industry.


FreitRater® SQL Freight Rating and Pricing Software allows carriers to:

  • Capitalize on current technology
  • Save time and effort
  • Accurately invoice
  • Provide maximum flexibility of rate structures
  • Provide data for rate analysis & reviews
  • Provide internal control utilizing in-house security protection
  • Ensure accurate rates
  • Provide robust tariff publishing capabilities
  • Auto-rate most complex transactions
  • Enter and keep track of "spot quotes"
  • Upload rates from spreadsheets easily into FreitRater®
  • Handle any accessorials
  • Publish your tariffs easily
  • Easily export data in excel for analysis
  • Manage any fuel surcharges (simple to complex and easy to update)
  • Perform Lane Analysis
  • Interface with multiple mileage programs
  • Handle multiple tariffs


With FreitRater® SQL Freight Rating and Routing Software carriers receive:

  • Flexible rating engine
  • Multiple agreements / rates with same client
  • Virtually unlimited units of measure
  • Addition of custom categories - days of week, equipment type and others
  • Open database - easy to load FreitRater® SQL database into Access or Spreadsheets for ad hoc query reporting


FreitRater® SQL Tariff Publisher allows you to:

  • Auto publish customer contracts and rates directly into spreadsheets
  • Utilize user defined template system to query and import results directly to spreadsheets
  • Publish directly from the FreitRater® SQL database


FreitRater® SQL Freight Rating and Routing Software for Carriers: CT Logistics will deliver this software solution for your use. Options for this package are below.

  • Software Purchase: Purchase CT's FreitRater® software package and install at your site; includes access to software support team.
  • SaaS, Software as a Service: 24/7 access to your personal and secure FreitRater® software on CT's servers with a fixed monthly fee. Your personnel perform all contract rate entry and audit functions.
  • BPaaS, Business Process as a Service 24/7 access to your personal and secure FreitRater® software on CT's servers with a fixed monthly fee. CT personnel perform most of the back office auditing tasks, however you have easy access to view and/or update any of your rates or business rules 24/7.

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