Rate & Contract Negotiations

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Rate & Contract Negotiations


CT Logistics' Rate & Contract Negotiation Process


  • Spend benchmarked to identify cost competitiveness of current rate structures and agreements
  • Collaborate with client to determine goal of the bid process- unique requirements and attributes identified and project timeline developed
  • Pool of carriers identified to be included in the bid process
  • Data set developed with representative sample of shipping data and profile of client for carriers to bid
  • Carriers partake in CT hosted Webinar or on-site meeting to discuss the opportunity and rules of engagement
  • Round 1 of bid issued with shipment data and profile information
  • Round 1 results modeled by CT using historical shipment information and provided to client with insight and recommendations
  • Feedback provided to carriers
  • Round 2 of bid issued to select pool of finalists
  • Round 2 results modeled by CT using historical shipment information and provided to client with insight and recommendations
  • Determine final carrier awards in conjunction with client
  • Carrier award process and core carrier program instituted


Routing Guide

Our team also provides a point-specific, Dynamic Routing Guide for each of your locations, listing all the states covered by the negotiated rates. Although our Routing Guide tells your shipping personnel which carriers serve which state, it must be used in conjunction with the carriers' points list to ensure your carrier serves the specific point to which a shipment is destined. We encourage you to use the Routing Guide in your Purchasing Department, remembering that it should be used with a carriers' points list to assure maximum freight savings from the negotiated rates.




More Than Just Negotiators

  • CT provides reports to help track the efficiency of your company's and carriers' new rates
  • CT utilizes our partnerships and resources to ensure that there's an equitable settlement if your company and a carrier are unable to settle issues locally
  • Our rate negotiation and management team not only administrates the negotiations, we act as a liaison between shipper and carrier, as well as arbitrator of in case of disputes

Our Enterprise

Commercial Traffic was founded in 1923 and serviced clients with personalized audit and payment of their freight bills. It was the start of CT Logistics.

CT Logistics' Global Freight Audit unit, based in Birmingham UK, provides a wide range of global service offerings.

Commercial Transportation Management Services provide a complete 3PL product delivery system based on procurement services and management of a national contracting system.

Commercial Transportation Services provides freight rating, freight payment, auditing, expense allocations, freight bill auditing, freight billing process and management reporting software.